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We Choose To Go To The Moon

DTG: 20 July 1969 @ 20:18 UTC.
Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin set the first lunar lander on the moon.

DTG: 18 November 2014 @ time irrelevant
BBC News reports that a British led consortium is looking for £500m in crowdfunding to set a robotic probe on the moon in ten years time.

See the differences above? 45 years ago men walked on the moon. Now the scientists are looking for donations to put a box on the moon. Yep, donations. Via KickStarter.

Will the mission go as well as Philae? 30 years planning, 10 years travelling and 55 hours 4 minutes on the comet before it died. Possibly temporarily, I admit, but more likely it’s dead.

Don’t get me wrong here, landing on the comet is a fantastic achievement, but was it worth it for two days? That’s like me flying to Australia for a cyanide pill.

All the money raised by the project will go to funding the mission, and any money left over will be put into a charitable trust whose proceeds will be spent on future space exploration. Mr Iron described it as “a Wellcome Trust for space exploration”.

I am glad about that, what else were you gonna do, develop a new line in pink fluff with the spare money?

Credit to JFK for the title

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