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How Hackers Can Easily Break Inside an Instagram Account

Instagram Hacking

In today’s post I’m going to show you technique how to hack an Instagram account using a special application – Instagram Ripper. (I linked its official website where you can download this app for free and test it by yourself.)

Two Russian hackers admitted on court that they’ve used this software to break inside thousands of Instagram accounts in aim to blackmail an owners to give them in return for money. According to HuffPost news.

Login password of certain IG account is getting found by an cracking method called ‘brute forcing’ which is integrated inside InstaRipper’s source code. This program can make a fast attack of thousand login attempts in minute, with all possible combinations of letters, numbers and special characters, of which someones password can be make. And it continue running until it guess a right password to successfully login inside an Instagram account.

You may ask now how it’s possible to make thousand of login tries to Instagram page without getting blocked by IP address?
Well its developers solved this problem by installing plugin which is automatically changing a new IP address after 3 invalid login attempts. Because Instagram will temporary block your IP if you unsuccessfully entered your password 3 times.
This option makes it unstoppable to find a working password of desired account. And also makes it one dangerous application which can ruin someones privacy in short time.

Hack Instagram Account

In other hand, InstaRipper can also be used in positive and helpful manners, such as a tool to recover someones lost or forgotten password. Because many people also forget their email address ID which they’ve used to sign up for an Instagram account when they first time made it. And without knowing an e-mail address to send password reset email, they’re unable to recover their account back. This is a right situation when InstaRipper app will come handy and get your stolen profile back to your hands.

At the and, it only matters what character type is a person who get their hands on this program. Good guys will restore someones lost accounts, while evil ones will try to hack Instagram account.

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