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So, who the hell is this bloke anyway?

Age: Just over 33 years young
Job: Information Technology Support Worker in the Ministry of Defence
Drive: Mini Cooper, Vauxhall Astra
Ride: Harley Davidson XL883L Sportster Low
Read: All time favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde and Wilbur Smith. Failed with The Bourne Identity, reading Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” at the moment.
Music: Mostly 80s, rock & metal (Metallica etc). I will listen to almost anything except Opera and Country & Western (modern Country is pretty good though…) Sandi Thom rocks!

So, what does G.O.G mean? Grumpy Old Git. Why? Read on:

I find that as I get older more and more gets right up my nose. I become more like Victor Meldrew every day. The absolute waste of the English language is one of my biggest gripes. The internet is so riddled with bad, lazy and effortless spelling that I just want to rant at people about it. Come on, you’re on a computer. Word has a spell checker. Don’t have word? there’s a lovely little place called dictionary.com

Txt spks anuver 1 f my grps. Can’t read that? Took me 10 minutes of research to write the damn thing. it says “Text speak is another one of my gripes”. I don’t even TEXT in text speak so why should I have to read it on the net?

See, it winds me up that much I’m ranting about it in my “About” page! Aaaarrgh!

Don’t even get me started on chavs, barries and the arrogant twat driver in front of me!

And, breathe…

Contact Information:
I love hearing from readers, friends and (non-spamming!) strangers alike. Please feel free to ask about anything on the site, about photography, cars, computers, or just say hi!